Whatsapp marketing: A new way to expand your reach.

Whatsapp marketing: A new way to expand your reach.

Whatsapp marketing, also known as messenger marketing, is a way of promoting your brand through Whatsapp. Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social media channels and its audience has expanded to about 2 billion monthly active users in the year 2020. Almost everyone checks their WhatsApp at least once a day, and this makes it the most popular platform across the world. Now let's see what different strategies your brand can implement for a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign.

What makes WhatsApp marketing so powerful?

As already mentioned, the active user rates and wide audience range of the app naturally give access to an enormous number of people from around the world. Other than the numbers, WhatsApp also has some core benefits like :

One-on-one interaction:

The audience these days is inclined more towards those brands which have an easy interaction process and quality content to offer, and no other platform is more reliable than WhatsApp messaging. Chatting on a platform like WhatsApp makes the customer experience more friendly and trustworthy.

Whatsapp Campaigns:

WhatsApp campaigns bring you as close as you can get to an assurance that your target audience will at least have a look at your content. The increased click-through rates also increase with campaign clicks. There are a few points you need to consider while setting up a WhatsApp campaign.

  • Obey the WhatsApp template guidelines.

  • There is no duplicate content. Create exclusive content specifically for WhatsApp marketing.

  • Proper convenience and accessibility for users.

  • Respect the user experience 

How can you create a WhatsApp business profile for your business?

​​​​​​​ The three simple steps to setting up your WhatsApp business profile are:

 Step 1) Go to Google Play and get the Whatsapp messaging app.

 Step 2) Enter your professional mobile phone number (do not enter your personal phone number; instead, use a phone with two sim slots).

 Step 3) Now you need to enter your business details like-

  • Add a brief description, address, working hours, website, social media, etc. Make sure to add all the correct information as this is what your audience will view as your brand details.

  •  Add a short link that generates a QR code to include on your website, social media, or emails, allowing people to immediately have a conversation with you on Whatsapp.

  • Add auto messages when you are away, like greeting messages, away messages, quick replies, etc.

To send your campaigns to a larger audience, you have to sign up for a WhatsApp API provider. As with the WhatsApp Business App, your broadcast list is limited to 256 contacts.

There are many examples we can see of successful Whatsapp marketing campaigns 

  1. Unilever's "I'll bring you back your beloved clothes" campaign.

  2. Absolut Vodka "Doorman at The Party" Campaign

  3. ADAC "Don't Call Mom" campaign

  4. Maggi Germany, Chef In Your Kitchen Campaign. 

Whatsapp marketing is one of the very important ways of promoting your business and services to a wider range of audiences with very easy account creation and setup. This marketing technique is widely accepted by the audience due to its immense benefits and enormous reach.

Businesses with different target audiences can benefit from WhatsApp marketing, as it allows for a personal approach to mobile users. It is a cheap, accessible, and loyal way of getting good sales and getting good feedback from customers. Just like any other marketing technique, WhatsApp marketing has become an important source of promotion and reach. 

The Whatsapp community for instant messaging and chat has a large audience of people of various ages, occupations, and characteristics. We can take this as an opportunity to expand the brand's visibility and attract sales.


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