Software Testing

Software Testing

Our testers and QA experts provides thorough testing of the application with a detailed report.

Scrrum Labs offers Software Testing Services, Manual and Automation Testing. We work closely and collaborate with the development teams for effective testing. We believe in a continuous approach in quality in the software life cycle which can lower the cost of completing and maintaining the software, thus helps reduce the risk which is associated with deploying poor quality software.

What we offer:

  • Test setup design and configuration

  • Test plan validation

  • Test automation scripting

  • Test tool conceptualization and development

  • Compatibility testing

  • Performance testing

  • Interoperability and standards compliance testing

  • Regression testing.

Software testing is a crucial phase during the developmental stage of any software project

Automation testing helps developers find bugs and defects in the product. Apart from finding bugs, software testing also helps in finding flaws in code and specifications. In addition, the tester will also have to verify whether the software is performing as expected by the end-user or not.

What Are The Objectives Of Software Testing?

Software testing finds the bugs early and corrects them before they cause severe problems. With this, the software developer can get an idea of the demand for his product and will be able to make some adjustments in the future.

Software testing services, is a process carried out within a system to give external users information about the capability of that particular software product or system under review. It is one of the most critical phases in any software development process and has to be done correctly. It is an approach to detect the difference between given input and expected output. We provide support for software testing. In addition, we support any testing requirement at any point in the software development cycle.



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