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Scrrum sport store
Scrrum sport store
Scrrum sport store

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professional shooting sports

The rise of professional shooting sports: exploring the platforms and opportunities for competitive shooters

Professional shooting sports have been gaining popularity in recent years, with more and more shooters looking for opportunities to compete at a high level. There are now several platforms available that cater to the needs of professional shooters, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against other top-level marksmen.

We have built a professional shooting sports platform. The platform helps bring professional shooting communities together for managing clubs and members, hosting matches, match registrations, match information, online squadding, online payments and results viewing to make a match directors job as easy as possible. For its competitors it provides an elegant way to manage their profile, register to matches and get all the information they need in the most user-friendly manner.

The future of sports scoring: advanced AI and deep learning at play

Auto scoring using advanced AI and Deep Learning is an emerging trend in the sports industry that is revolutionizing the way we keep score in various sports. This technology enables automatic scoring without human intervention, making the scoring process faster and more accurate. It is also used to analyze various data points, such as video footage and sensor data, to determine the outcome of a game or event. This technology has been successfully implemented in various sports such as basketball, soccer, and tennis, and has improved the accuracy of scoring while reducing the likelihood of human error.

Auto scoring technology also opens up new possibilities for sports data analysis and fan engagement. With the help of AI, data generated during a game or event can be analyzed in real-time, providing insights that were previously impossible to obtain. Fans can also receive real-time updates and personalized content, enhancing their overall experience.


Solution Highlights for Sports Industry

Smart Analytics

Get real-time insights into player and team performance with our powerful analytics tools. Identify strengths and areas for improvement to boost your chances of success.

Virtual Reality

Take training and game-day preparations to the next level with immersive VR experiences. From strategy planning to skill building, we offer customized solutions for every need.

Social Engagement

Build a stronger fan base and connect with your audience like never before through social media. Our solutions help you craft engaging content, target specific audiences, and track key metrics.

Cloud Infrastructure

Streamline your data storage and management with cloud-based infrastructure. Our scalable solutions provide secure access to critical information from anywhere, anytime.

Real-time Communication

Keep players and coaches on the same page with real-time communication tools. From instant messaging to video conferencing, we offer solutions that keep everyone connected and informed.

Mobile Solutions

Stay ahead of the game with mobile apps that provide anytime, anywhere access to critical data and resources. Our custom solutions are designed to fit your unique needs.

E-commerce Integration

Boost revenue streams and fan engagement with e-commerce integration. Sell merchandise, event tickets, and other products directly through your website or app.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your valuable data and intellectual property with our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. We offer comprehensive protection against cyber threats, including malware, DDoS attacks, and more.

Personalized Experiences

Enhance fan experiences with personalized solutions that cater to individual preferences and needs. From content recommendations to exclusive access, we help create unforgettable experiences for fans.


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