Helping retailers run efficiently, deliver flexibility, availability, and cost savings results.

Scrrum Labs helps retailers transform their technology and operations across their value chains to realize a 360-degree view of their consumers and serve them across the whole purchase process using retail supply management and retail consulting. With greater visibility into the customer experience, they improve operational efficiencies, increase order fulfillment, and inspire collaboration between stores and provide chain partners.

Prithla Pariwar, an App for a renowned politician of the Indian National Congress

Prithla Pariwar is a mobile application on an ionic framework that runs on a custom-built CMS in ASP.NET MVC. The political party of our client uses the CMS to update their manifesto for upcoming elections, add and update news and events. In addition, we integrated firebase cloud messaging for push notifications, so the users are informed about upcoming news and events in real-time.

ROV, a marketplace of experience and product ordering app

We have developed an App, a marketplace of experience and product ordering. ROV is a product of Ei Community, the world's first marketplace of experiences, linking in-store and virtual to reality. ROV has two mobile applications built on an ionic framework and one built on a unity hybrid. ROV focuses on a personalized shopping experience for retail customers.