Scrrum weekly digest 5th week of October 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 5th week of October 2023

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SpaceX signs deal to launch key European satellites 

SpaceX has inked a deal to launch critical European satellites. The agreement emphasizes SpaceX's global significance in satellite deployment. The collaboration marks a significant stride in space technology, showcasing SpaceX's role in advancing international space endeavors and reinforcing its reputation as a premier space launch provider.

Chinese e-commerce platforms slash prices on iPhone 15 Series as sales lag behind iPhone 14

Chinese e-commerce platforms are cutting prices on the iPhone 15 Series due to slower sales compared to the iPhone 14. This move reflects market dynamics and competition, raising questions about consumer preferences and the competitive landscape in China's tech market.

OnePlus And Realme To Stop Selling TVs In India

OnePlus and Realme are reportedly discontinuing the sale of TVs in India. The decision suggests a strategic shift in focus or market dynamics. This move raises speculation about the brands' future product strategies and the evolving landscape of the consumer electronics market in India.

Indian Govt Wants $12 Billion in Tax from Online Gaming Firms After Recent Changes 

Following recent regulatory changes, the Indian government is seeking $12 billion in taxes from online gaming firms. This move reflects the government's efforts to regulate and tax the rapidly growing online gaming industry. It signifies a significant financial impact on the sector and highlights the evolving regulatory landscape in India.

With Nightshade, artists might have a chance to fight against AI 

Nightshade, a new tool, offers artists a potential means to combat AI. As artificial intelligence increasingly aids in creative processes, Nightshade emerges as a tool empowering artists to retain control and originality in their work. This development underscores the ongoing dialogue about the relationship between technology and artistic expression.


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