How powerful can Quora marketing be?

How powerful can Quora marketing be?

Quora entered the social marketplace about eight years ago. This incredible platform allows users to ask questions and get answers related to any topic or niche.With 100M+ active users, Quora is a leading platform for knowledge seekers to ask, learn, interact and share valuable insights on diverse topics, it is the most popular site for anyone to present their business in front of such a massive audience. Here you will learn about how powerful this platform is and how to use it. Lets see a stepwise approach to how you can start with this form of marketing.

What is quora marketing?

Quora is a global online platform for asking questions and providing answers. It is used by millions of potential buyers and many companies, and it’s the perfect place to promote your services and products in a totally new way.

Boosting brand awareness is the ultimate goal of any business and as a digital marketer you need to understand the most effective and efficient ways to expand your reach in a short span of time, and one such way you have heard about is quora marketing. 

Let's see the stepwise process to start with quora marketing -

Step-1) Create an account:

The very first step is creating an account. Quora has different options to sign up like Facebook, Google, or your email address. If you are using quora for your business it is beneficial to use your business email for better management. Once you choose your preference simply click continue for the further process.

Step-2) Add and follow  your interests and preferences:

Once you are done with account creation, it will ask you to choose any 10 topics of your business interests and other related preferences which best suits your brand and services.

Step-3) Now Add what you already know/ your areas of expertise:

Next, you will be prompted to enter your areas of expertise. As you choose, Quora will immediately filter out the questions they think you can answer. This helps you to see the posts and information about the same.

Tell Quora about your areas of expertise, this will let the platform understand and it will immediately filter out the questions they think you can answer.

Step-4) Edit your profile and start searching for a question and its answer, or ask a question yourself:

The last and most important step is editing your profile. Update your profile picture and add the details about your business. Be authentic about yourself. Once done, you are all set to answer on Quora.

You can either ask a question or give answers to the questions asked related to your knowledge and offerings.

Some more tips to use quora for marketing your brand-

Now that you are already aware of the best practices and tips to use quora as a marketing platform, let's see some more tips related to the same.

  • Quora messaging is also a great way to communicate with your preferred people.

  • Always follow the data and analytics of your quora practices and chose what works best for you

  • Regularly update blogs on quora with quality content and catchy titles.

That's how powerful the platform is to expand your business as a brand. Just go gain and spread knowledge on quora.


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