5 Best SEO Tools and Plugins to Use in 2022

5 Best SEO Tools and Plugins to Use in 2022

Extensions play a very vital role in speeding up the SEO routine.They make your load easy to manage and assist you with the appropriate strategy. There are plenty of extensions available, but we have to choose the most suitable and perfect one. Just to guide you through, here’s a list of some amazing extensions to make your life easier.

When it comes to tools and extensions. Google chrome extensions give you the best performing tools which are easily accessible. There are different extensions for different roles that will make your life hustle-free. Let's have a look at these tools.

Here’s a list of tools you must include in your SEO strategy starting today:


It is a very well-known extension in the market. Ubersuggest provides keyword data like monthly search rates, competition analysis, CPC, etc.

Along with Google search results, it also shows insightful information on sites like YouTube and Amazon.

Important backlink data insights can help you strategize things accordingly and improve your domain authority score. One of the best tools to keep an eye on your site's performance.


It is considered an all-rounder extension as it gives you multiple options in one click. The data of audience analysis like visitors, search rates, etc., site rankings, crawling, and auditing are all under this tool. So it can make your SEO life easier.


SEOquake is a free tool and is very valuable in providing different SEO metrics like analysis of SERPs and providing the result in CSV format, checking social media statistics on Facebook, etc. It has high compatibility with different platforms like Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini, which is why it has very high popularity among different users. From page diagnosis to SERP analytics, it can give you all the details in one click.


It is a very useful tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, and much more. Semrush also comes up with a free WordPress plugin named "SEO Writing Assistant" (SWA). With the help of this tool, you can draft the content for your own site, while writing it will assist you with certain metrics and SEO corrections.

Yoast SEO:

The most used plugin helps to tackle things like titles and meta, XML sitemaps, keyword analysis, desktop, and mobile previews, and the list goes on. It is a free tool that assists many people in resolving SEO-related issues.

SEO is the heart of digital marketing. So, in order to stay competitive, you must stay up to date on all SEO tricks and techniques.

As have already mentioned, the five most importantly free and paid plugins to make your SEO journey smooth and easy-going. The use and benefits of these tools are immense and very impactful.

There are piles of tools and free plugins available on the market, but the decision is all yours to pick up the best plugin for your SEO growth. 

These plugins and tools are the keys to your websites. But always stick to quality and avoid running towards quantity. That means a few quality plugins are better than using many plugins together. It will mess up your work rather than manage things out.

These plugins will improve your performance as now you will remain aware of the measures and metrics and improvement is impossible without analytics.

The best part is that the tools are very easy to use, so you don't have to hire a special person to use them. You can use them on your own just by exploring and understanding their functioning.

Simply incorporating these tools and plugins into your SEO journey will yield magical results in terms of improving your optimization techniques and increasing traffic to your sites.


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