YouTube now has a corrections feature that allows creators to correct mistakes and add new content and new updates.

YouTube now has a corrections feature that allows creators to correct mistakes and add new content and new updates.

The creator's corrections will display as information cards.

Corrections is a new feature on YouTube that allows producers to correct problems or add updates to videos that have previously been posted. Creators can now edit errors in their video's descriptions and provide a textual correction based on the change, thanks to the updated features. A corrections info card will also show in the upper right-hand corner of the video, which viewers can expand by clicking on to read the creator's clarification text. The new functionality eliminates the need for creators to re-upload their clips when making minor adjustments.

Details regarding the new Corrections function were revealed in a video by YouTube's Creator Insider channel. As stated previously, creators can utilize it to update information or correct errors in the descriptions of movies that have already been released. Based on the timing of the first Correction in the video, the corrections will be displayed as info cards in the top right-hand corner of the video. Viewers can enlarge the correction notes in the video's description by clicking on the card.

According to Google's Support page, you can add a correction to your YouTube clips by writing "Correction:" or "Corrections:" within the video description, along with the timestamp (00:00) and an explanation for your correction. This section should accompany any video chapters. A View Corrections info card will appear when your audience watches your video.

It should be noted that if the corresponding YouTube channel has any active strikes, the Corrections feature will not be available. When the content of the clip is inappropriate for some viewers, the feature cannot be used.

Google is expanding YouTube's features in order to attract more creators to the platform. The company recently introduced the Green Screen in YouTube Shorts, which allows creators to remix their Shorts by adding clips from other videos.

Similarly, in April, the company introduced the Cut feature, which allows users to remix videos with short-duration clips.

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