Why are mobile app developers moving to Google firebase?

Why are mobile app developers moving to Google firebase?

Without a question, Google’s services have achieved worldwide notoriety. Google Firebase is an example of a service that allows users to create apps for Android, iOS, and the web. It also includes capabilities for tracking analytics, authentication, cloud messaging, and app crash repair. Thus it aids developers in identifying areas where app performance could be improved.

Google Firebase is an application powered by Google, which assists the developers to build Android, iOS, and web applications. Firebase offers you various tools that help developers to analyze, track, report, and fix app crashes. It also helps users to create new products.

In other words, Google Firebase is a cloud platform that makes it easier for front-end developers to write complete applications without boilerplate back-end coding.

The best part about Google Firebase is that it not only allows these developers to build an application but also helps them to improve and grow the same. There are tonnes of mobile application technologies that can be paired with firebase. Some of these technologies are ionic, react native, kotlin etc.

In earlier times, the developers had to do everything by themselves. But thanks to Google Firebase that today, the developers can focus more on the app experience rather than what’s going behind the scenes. 

Google Firebase has become a unified BaaS (back-end-as-a-service) platform for developers to create powerful applications as it provides a plethora of cloud services that can be used by mobile developers.

There has been a significant rise in the number of developers on Google firebase due to the intense number of inbuilt features. They are mentioned as follows:

  • In-depth Analysis

Google Firebase lets you do unlimited reporting of 500 different events. These analytics help developers to understand the user’s behavior on the application and hence, making decisions on the basis of these analytics. The SDK automatically captures user properties and key events that a developer can use to define custom events and measure the performance of the app.

  • Cloud Messaging

Firebase allows you to send and receive cross-platform messaging service that help corporate to communicate on iOS, Android, and the web for free.

  • Firebase Crashlytics

Being one of the major features of Google Firebase, Firebase crashlytics allows the developer to track, prioritize and fix the stability of the application in real-time. This ensures that developers are investing more time in building app features rather than organizing and troubleshooting crashes.

  • Performance and real-time database

Firebase provides performance monitoring services that enable the developer to keep a performance check on how their Android or iOS application is performing. It also offers a real-time cloud-hosted NoSQL database. Due to this, data also get synced in all client devices in real-time and remains available even when the app goes offline. Now if you refer to the second paragraph, you’ll find that Google Firebase helps you to build, develop and grow apps (almost everything) and this is a major reason why developers choose Firebase.

There are numerous top-notch applications that have been created or optimized using firebase. Some of these applications are Twitch, Instacart, Cred, and Alibaba.

The third paragraph mentions that Google firebase helps developers in not only building but also improving and developing their applications.

We’re going to identify 16 groups of products and ways using which you can do the same in the Google Firebase.


Google Firebase helps you to build an app using the following tools:

  • Authentification of user information

  • Cloud Firestore 

  • Real-time Database

  • Cloud Storage

  • Cloud Functions

  • ML Kit

  • Firebase Hosting


Developers are provided with the option to improve their existing application using:

  • Test Labs

  • Crashlytics

  • Performance monitoring


You can grow your application using:

  • Analytics

  • Applying ML to make predictions

  • A/B Testing

  • App Indexing

  • In-App Messaging

  • Cloud Messaging

These utilities and ways also serve as a major reason behind the inclination of developers towards Google Firebase.

But there are possibilities that you might not be able to understand all the features in the initial phase. You can learn the complete details about Google firebase on-https://firebase.google.com/docs/guides

This guide provides a detailed explanation of all the topics in Google firebase. Have a great learning!


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