When Should You Use Facebook and Instagram to Promote Your Business?

When Should You Use Facebook and Instagram to Promote Your Business?

Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for keeping people informed about your company. Because organic content is free, post frequently and well. However, if you want to broaden your audience and attract new clients, you may run ads on Facebook and Instagram, where even a small expenditure can go a long way.

It's fantastic that you've created your page and are already sharing material. By posting on a frequent basis, you may keep individuals who have liked or followed your page up to date on everything going on in your business, such as sales, events, promotions, or information about your products or services. 

We recommend that you post at least once a week, but depending on your business and goals, you may want to write as frequently as daily.

When you make a post to your page, it is visible to those who have liked or followed your page. This applies to your Facebook business page as well as your Instagram account. If people want to, they can like, comment, or share this content. This type of reach is referred to as "organic," which is a fancy way of saying "free." You make a post, and it spreads naturally from people who engage with it to their friends, and so on. This method is essential for boosting your page's followers, but it may not grow your audience as quickly as you'd like.

You may turn organic content into paid content by using boosted posts and other sorts of page promotions to build your audience and your business.

See how Facebook ads can help you expand your business by reading the entries below:

  • Increase the number of people who like your Facebook page.

  • Promote your page to reach a larger audience, enhance engagement, and increase the number of likes, comments, and shares.

  • Promote your products and services.

  • Create and enhance a post to highlight your company's products and services in order to pique shoppers' interest and convert them into customers.

  • Customers will flock to your local business if you can get them there.

  • Make it easier for folks who reside in the area or who are travelling to locate your physical location.

  • Your website should be promoted.

Use your Facebook page to help drive visitors to your amazing website if you have one. This is beneficial to e-commerce companies.

If you have a Facebook business page or an Instagram business account, you're already communicating with your existing clients. When, on the other hand, should you consider advertising on Facebook and Instagram?

Posting on Facebook and Instagram is a terrific way to stay in touch with the people who care about what your company is doing: present customers, potential consumers, and supporters of your work or products. Organic content refers to these posts, which are always free. 

But what if you want to reach out to new people on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram? This is the time when you should consider advertising. Even little funds may go a long way on Facebook and Instagram, and there's a fairly simple way to get started.

Let's imagine you operate a sports shoe store or running shoes and you publish a video on Facebook about a hiking trip. People can see your products in action by watching the film, which features gear you offer at your shop. It also receives a lot of likes and comments from the people who follow your Facebook page. That's fantastic! But why should we stop there? 

A "Boost Post" button can be found in the bottom right corner of your post. After that, tap it and decide how much you want to spend. Your organic content has now become paid content, and it will be seen by people you may not have previously reached. 

When you boost a post, it effectively turns into an advertisement. You didn't need to engage a major ad agency or do anything spectacular. And, as we saw in the previous example, your post received a lot of favourable responses from individuals who already follow your company, so there's a strong probability that other hikers will enjoy it as well. Isn't it amazing?

Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for keeping people informed about your company and also drive a lot of traffic. When it comes to paid promotion, a boost post is just an easy way of reaching a large audience. But there are many other ways of using paid promotion to expand your business. So start by boosting your best posts and, in turn, grow your business traffic.


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