What is project management software and what are the best IT project management tools?

What is project management software and what are the best IT project management tools?

Software that prepares and tracks all parts of a project is known as project management software. Workflows are visible to project managers and individual team members. Gantt charts are used to keep track of progress.

Collaboration software also includes project management tools. Real-time resource management and configurable process management are also available. Large and small teams can efficiently allocate work using task lists and subtasks.

Timesheets and time tracking systems are very beneficial to team communication. Document management, file sharing, and file storage help to consolidate assets and information.

On-premise and SaaS cloud-based project management systems are also available. They usually include a mobile app for working on the move.

What forms of project management software are there?

Here's a rundown of the many types of project management tools and applications available:


The project management tool is installed on your computer as an application (or laptop). Then you use your own device to access it. This is the "traditional" project management software. Web-based apps have mostly overtaken it.


The software as a service (SaaS) version of the app is available. This means you may access it from any computer with an internet connection. All users' project files and dashboards are updated in real-time.


The platform allows several people to collaborate. The information on the project is updated in real-time. To keep everyone on track, task, subtask, and discussion options are available.


Project operations are kept orderly and on schedule thanks to scheduling capabilities. Gantt charts are useful for keeping track of long periods of time. Many programmes allow you to compare the new plan to the baseline (old) schedule when timeframes change.

Tracking issues

Issues can be reported by project stakeholders. Then they may be tracked and dealt with. Problems may be tracked and team members assigned to solve them.

Portfolio Management of Projects

It is possible to track and manage several projects in a company's portfolio. Project progress, delays, and performance metrics may all be compared. This is particularly valuable for larger companies, but it may not be necessary for small teams working on a limited number of projects.

Management of Documents

Files and media are exchanged as part of projects. Project stakeholders can obtain critical information thanks to document management tools. Version and update files, as well as collaborate.

Management of Resources

The usage of budget and human resources must be tracked to ensure project success. Expenses are tracked using resource management technologies throughout the project lifetime.

What are the best IT project management tools?


Trello is a team project management programme that allows you to track team projects, highlight ongoing tasks, see who they're allocated to, and measure progress toward completion.

Trello visualizes workflows using Kanban project board concepts, giving managers and team members a concise perspective of a project from start to finish.


Atlassian, an Australian company, developed JIRA. Bug tracking, problem tracking, and project management are all done with this programme. The main objective of these tools is to track issues and defects in your software and mobile apps.


Monday is an online and mobile work management application that may be customised. Its goal is to assist teams and organisations improve operational efficiency by monitoring projects and procedures, displaying data, and collaborating as a team.


Basecamp is a website-based collaboration tool that allows users to manage and connect with one another. You use it to keep track of all of your work-related tasks, deadlines, files, conversations, and notifications.


Smartsheet is a project management tool that resembles a spreadsheet. Smartsheet's useful features include workflow automation and task visualisation in Gantt, calendar, and card formats.


The most effective AI-powered project management software. It contains capabilities for handling everything from quotations to bills, as well as advanced automation for project delivery date prediction, capacity demand forecasting, and enhancing efficiency. Their AI creates rules based on user input, drawing on data from hundreds of thousands of projects.

Businesses may use project management software to keep expenses under control and achieve deadlines. To keep track of large projects and increase the efficiency of collaborative work.


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