What do you need to know about Software Testing Techniques?

What do you need to know about Software Testing Techniques?

Software testing is a crucial phase. The developmental phase of any software project helps developers find bugs and defects in the product. Apart from finding bugs, software testing also helps in finding defects in code and specifications.

Software testing is a process, carried out within a system, to give external users information about the capability of that particular software product or system under review.

This process is carried out by professionals who test the software products before selling them to clients and customers. Software testing is one of the most critical phases in any software development process and hence has to be done in the right manner.

The phases of Software testing process

  • Verify the functionality

In the first phase, testing is done to verify the functionality of the software as desired. During this stage, the software is downloaded to examine it and check for bugs and security flaws. A tester may, for example, examine a program that has been written by the programmer or one that has been developed using test automation tools. They will check if the programs or the websites, which the software will run, are capable of functioning properly. Testing, then, is done to validate or ensure that the program or website is working correctly.

  • Validating the End Goal

The second phase is 'Validating the End Goal '. In this phase, the software is being evaluated to ensure that it satisfies the end users' requirements. For a successful end goal, the application must be able to deliver expected results and the user must find it easy to use and operate.

In addition, the software being used in the testing process must function properly and must meet the requirements of the users. It is in this phase that the programmers go through a checklist to make sure that the program as well as the website, as well as its features are working properly.

Testing Browsers and Web Servers

Besides these basic tasks, software testing is also required to test the different browsers and web servers that run on the system. A web server is a part of a computer that connects to the Internet and serves different web pages to the visitors who come to the website.

The different browsers that run on the system can cause trouble for the tester if he is not using a wide-ranging browser in every test. Since many of the tests require the tester to use different browsers on different platforms, a web server must be functioning properly in order to get good results.

Usability testing

Usability testing, on the other hand, refers to a series of tests that test whether the software is installed correctly and is working according to the specifications provided by the end-user. This is the most challenging phase in software testing, because even the best designed system could be rendered useless if it has bugs that do not allow the end-user to fully utilize it.

The testers must first establish whether the software satisfies the specific requirements of the end-user and then follow the step-by-step procedure of installing the software in order to determine whether it meets the end-user's requirements.

If the testing team observes proper implementation of the usability testing procedure, they will have higher chances of finding bugs and flaws early. Bugs can cause serious problems and cost a lot of time, money, and effort if left unnoticed. Thus, usability testing is highly recommended when developing software for any kind of industry.

Software testing will verify whether the software is performing as expected by the end-user or not. Our software testers aim to find these bugs early and correct them before they cause severe problems. 


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