Tech updates for 4th week of March 2022

Tech updates for 4th week of March 2022

Latest trending news about Airtel, Apple, Truecaller, YouTube, and Google

Airtel says it is ready for 5G rollout, data plans to cost similar to 4G

Airtel claims that it is ready to roll out 5G services in India as soon as the spectrum auction takes place and the government provides the required permissions.

The telecom operator has spent the last 15 months preparing the required infrastructure for 5G connectivity and believes it is ready to provide the services, Airtel's CTO Randeep Sekhon told India Today Tech on Thursday. The first set of 5G phones was launched in India two years ago. Sekhon believes that 5G will have many cases, but the entertainment part will depend on the support provided by content providers.

Apple may soon start selling iPhones through monthly subscriptions

Apple could begin selling its iPhone and iPad as a part of a subscription where customers will pay a monthly app fee to own their device instead of buying them through the conventional method. This could be similar to how you pay for Apple Music and other software services. The subscription may allow you to upgrade to new hardware as it is released every year.

Truecaller update brings new features including Urgent Messages, shareable Smart Cards

Truecaller updates include Urgent Messages, Smart Card sharing, revamped Smart SMS, the ability to edit sent chat messages and to set a default view. The features are aimed at solving users’ problems when it comes to messaging and saving them time.

According to Truecaller, all the message processing required for these features are done locally on the users’ device. The company says that it doesn’t read any user’s messages and that the messages don’t leave the user’s device as part of the processing.

YouTube brings two new features to elevate credible health information videos for India users

A new “Health source information panel” and a “Health content shelf”,  are the two new features that will now be available in India in Hindi and English. These features which are already available in the US  are designed to tackle misinformation around health topics and help credible videos stand out.

The mission is to really provide equitable access to high-quality, authoritative health information that’s evidence-based, but equally important, it has to be culturally relevant and engaging. This approach reinforces their ongoing efforts to tackle medical misinformation.

Gmail notifications can now be paused on phones when using computer

Google is reportedly rolling out a new feature that will enable users to pause notifications on their phone when using Gmail on the computer. According to reports, the feature first appeared on a limited basis last month. The rollout seems to have accelerated now. The new feature requires users to allow Gmail to monitor their device usage.

As of now, users don't have the option to manually turn on the feature — they have to wait for Google to offer it via a pop-up notification, asking people to let Gmail know when they are using the device. If you accede, then Gmail will be able to monitor your device usage. Users can control the device action permission under Settings > Security and Privacy > Site Settings > Additional Permissions.​​​​​​​


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