Tech updates for 4th week of April 2022

Tech updates for 4th week of April 2022

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Zoom Introduces Whiteboard, Hand Gesture Recognition, IQ for Sales.

Zoom is bringing new updates with features to make web calls easier and more convenient. New features include Gesture Recognition, Zoom IQ for Sales, improved Zoom Whiteboard, and Backstage for Zoom Events. Users need to be on version 5.10.3 or higher to experience the new features. Zoom adds the ability to manage chat and SMS messages and their flow, enhancing the user experience. Users can also enable or disable automatic calls recordings for all incoming and outgoing voice calls. One-time password for suspicious logins for users with work email login without two-factor recognition.

NASA Marks 32nd Anniversary of Hubble Telescope With Stunning View of Closely Knit Group of Galaxies.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched on April 24, 1990 and deployed the next day. This week marks the 32nd anniversary of the launch and deployment of the observatory. A new image by NASA shows a group of galaxies called the Hickson Compact Group 40. These galaxies will eventually collide and merge together to form one giant elliptical galaxy "in about 1 billion years".

SpaceX, Amazon, Others Win NASA Contract to Demonstrate Communications in Space.

Amazon's Project Kuiper, SpaceX's Starlink, and other satellite firms win $278.5 million (roughly Rs. 2120 crore) in contracts from NASA to demonstrate communications in space. The US space agency is looking to replace its current satellite network in orbit with privately-built systems. Competition is fierce primarily among Elon Musk's SpaceX, Amazon, and Telesat to provide broadband internet from space.

Jio Tops Airtel, Becomes Second Largest Fixed-Line Service Provider in India: TRAI

Telecom operator Reliance Jio has taken a lead over Bharti Airtel to become the country's second-largest fixed-line service provider in February 2022. Fixed-line or wireline telecommunication refers to telephone and broadband internet services provided through a network of cables. The growth trend in the wireline subscriber base, which picked up after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, is gaining momentum with private telecom operators driving the growth.

Instagram will downrank Reels which are just TikTok ripoffs.

Instagram will soon be downranking Reels videos that are not original to the platform. This means that all reshared content from other apps like TikTok or any short video-format platform will be downranked. Until there is more clarity on the matter, the platform will "iterate overtime" on what counts as original and what does not. The company has also added product tags and enhanced people tags. In the US, Reels faces tough competition from TikTok, which is still the number one video-sharing platform in the world.


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