Tech updates for 1st week of September 2022

Tech updates for 1st week of September 2022

Latest trending news about LastPass, IITs abroad, Zomato, Google, and Merak early-stage startup news.

LastPass, the world's most popular password manager, has been hacked.

With over 33 million users, LastPass has begun an investigation. The company revealed in a blog post that two weeks ago it discovered unusual activity in its application.

LastPass admits that the hackers acquired unauthorised access to some of its source code. "This incident occurred in the development environment.

The CEO of LastPass, Karim Toubba, stated that no personal information (including users' master passwords) had been leaked. No indication of illegal access to the encrypted vault data has been found, according to our examination. According to company CEO Toubba, only the customer has access to decrypt vault data thanks to our zero-knowledge model.

IITs abroad may be called the "Indian International Institute of Technology."

The Centre for the Global Expansion of IITs formed a committee, and it has given its proposals. The new institute could be called "The Indian International Institute of Technology" at xxxx (location). IIT Madras is exploring choices in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Tanzania, while IIT Delhi is considering opening a campus in the UAE. The existing IIT Act does not allow for the establishment of an IIT outside of the nation, hence the panel has suggested developing a generic system similar to IIT, NIT, or IISER, under which a number of institutes can be formed.

A mentored Indian institute should be a separate legal entity from the overseas site. The semester system, which aligns semester start and finish dates with the academic calendar, may be used by IITs abroad.

Zomato introduces "Intercity Legends": now you can order food from different cities.

"Intercity Legends" is a new option from Zomato. Users of the service will be able to order well-known dishes from renowned restaurants in other cities, though delivery in some cases may take more than a day.

Residents of Gurgaon and South Delhi are the only ones who can now access the new Legends page on the app.

Currently, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mathura, Chennai, Agra, and Bhubaneswar are on the list of cities from which to place orders.

Only a few of the most famous restaurants with well-known and best-selling dishes are shown in each city.

The food will travel the distance to your home via a flight. According to Zomato, "state-of-the-art mobile refrigeration technology maintains the food without the need to freeze it or apply any form of preservative," and "food is freshly made by the restaurant and placed in reusable and tamper-proof containers to keep it safe during air transportation."

Google will pay you up to Rs 25 lakh if you can find bugs in its open-source projects.

The Google Open Source Software Vulnerability Rewards Program (OSS VRP) will reward researchers for finding bugs that may have an effect on the whole open source ecosystem. Depending on the level of the bug, the award may range from $100 to $31,337.

It said the top prizes would go to the following projects: Bazel, Angular, Golang, Protocol Buffers, and Fuchsia.

According to Google, the following categories are acceptable submissions:

  • Vulnerabilities that can affect the supply chain

  • Design issues that lead to vulnerabilities

You can obtain public recognition for your contribution in addition to a prize.

If the applicant is unsure if the issue they have discovered is appropriate for Google's OSS VRP, Google will direct the submission to another VRP that can provide the applicant with the maximum payout.

Merak launches a $100 million fund for early-stage startups.

Merak Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, announced the opening of a new fund on Monday with a $100 million target corpus. Manu Rikhye and Sheetal Bahl cofounded Merak Ventures, which makes investments in B2B and emerging technology companies. Over the next three to four years, the VC company intends to invest in 18 to 20 firms. It will actively explore investment themes in insurtech, enterprise SaaS, and climatetech.

In order to eventually increase value for all stakeholders, the Delhi-NCR-based VC company will also actively assist strategy, business growth, and financing by systematically leveraging the wider networks of a portfolio, LPs, industry connects, and fund partnerships.


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