Tech updates for 1st week of May 2022

Tech updates for 1st week of May 2022

Latest trending news about Amazon, Apple, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Wikipedia.

Apple iPhone users in India can no longer purchase apps using credit or debit cards: here's what you need to do.

In India, Apple has stopped accepting debit and credit card payments for its subscription services. This development is in accordance with the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) new auto-debit rules, which were implemented last year. Users in India are only able to pay for services through Apple Funds. This change would affect your transactions if you have an Indian debit or credit card and a subscription. Customers must now add money to their Apple funds in the same way they would a prepaid card. According to reports, the funds will be deducted from their account each month as the subscription renews.

Twitter has the authority to suspend an account if the majority of the content shared is illegal.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology filed the affidavit. It was in response to senior advocate Sanjay Hegde's request to have his Twitter account reinstated. A user's account may be suspended for one of three reasons. This includes "Spam," "Abusive tweets or behaviour," and "Account security at risk." If an account is reported to us as violating our Twitter Rules regarding abuse, we may suspend it. When an account engages in abusive behaviour, we may temporarily or permanently suspend it.

WhatsApp users can now respond to messages, share up to 2GB files, and create groups with up to 512 people.

WhatsApp's message reactions are a feature that has reportedly been in development for several months. Users can check for the update by going to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The instant messaging app is also increasing the maximum file size that can be shared on the app to 2GB, a significant increase from the current maximum file size of 100MB. WhatsApp is also doubling the number of people who can be added to a group.

Wikipedia no longer accepts cryptocurrency donations.

The Wikimedia Foundation has decided not to accept cryptocurrency donations. The decision was made in response to a community request, which resulted from a three-month discussion that concluded in April.

71.7 percent of the 232 users who voted supported the proposal against crypto donations, while 94 editors voted in favour of crypto donations. Accepting cryptocurrency, according to Vermont, means risking our reputation by participating in this. In the most recent fiscal year, the Wikimedia Foundation received crypto donations totaling $130,000, accounting for less than 0.1 percent of total revenue. Wikipedia had 347 donors who used the cryptocurrency option in the previous fiscal year, with Bitcoin being the most commonly used mode of payment via crypto.

Amazon doesn't allow ebook purchases on android phones.

Amazon has ceased offering its catalogue on android as it prepares for changes in Google's billing policy that will take effect on June 1. Google wants all of its partners to use its billing system rather than rely on third-party payment platforms. Instead of complying with the new rules, Amazon chose to leave the platform. The company recommends that buyers create a reading list on the app for the e-books they want to read and then visit the Amazon website using an Android smartphone's web browser.


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