Tech updates for 2nd week of July 2022

Tech updates for 2nd week of July 2022

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Due to regulatory uncertainty, India's Blockchain and Crypto Assets Council is to be dissolved.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI) has decided to dissolve the BACC, its Web3 advocacy group. The IMAI believes it should devote its time and resources to other emerging tech sectors that will contribute more immediately to India's digital journey. It will encourage the use of India's upcoming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Members were also informed that IAMAI will continue to support BACC activities until the end of July to ensure the completion of any ongoing projects. Industry participants in the crypto and Web3 sectors were disappointed by IAMAI's decision to dissolve the BACC. In recent days, the average daily transaction volume on Indian exchanges has dropped to $5.6 million (roughly Rs. 44 crore).

AWS Firewall Manager now supports AWS Network Firewall strict rule order with alert and drop configurations.

You can now specify the exact order in which AWS Network Firewalls should evaluate rules using AWS Firewall Manager. You can evaluate a drop rule before a pass rule, or an alert rule followed by a drop and/or alert, and then another alert rule. When a firewall is configured to use strict ordering, rule groups are evaluated in order of priority, beginning with the lowest number, and the rules in each rule group are processed in the order in which they are defined. Firewall manager is a centralised location where you can configure and deploy firewall rules throughout your organisation.

5ire, a blockchain platform, becomes the 105th unicorn startup in India.

5ire has raised $100 million from UK-based conglomerate SRAM & MRAM Group at a valuation of $1.5 billion. According to the company, the investment has made it the fastest-growing blockchain unicorn in India. The funds raised will be used to expand 5ire's business and expand its footprint across three continents: Asia, North America, and Europe.

"5ire will continue to invest in strengthening its blockchain and working to ensure that this decentralised technology benefits a larger base globally," the company said.

Lightspeed raises $500 million corpus to fund early-stage startups in India, SE Asia

The firm's dedication to the India and South East Asia region is evident in the closing of Lightspeed India IV at its $500 million hard-cap. With companies like Indian Energy Exchange, Oyo, Byju's, Grab, Acko, Razorpay, and Innovaccer among its impressive portfolio in the nation. The opportunity in the region is continually extending and deepening, driven by world-class entrepreneurs and an ever-expanding capacity for technology to alter the economy in India and Southeast Asia," the business said.

We are able to provide founders with extensive sector domain knowledge, local market knowledge, and relationships by thoughtfully assembling cross-border deal teams. As a result, we are all exposed to and gaining knowledge from the innovation that is taking place around the globe.

Ray-Ban Stories will enable users to make calls, listen to calls, and send messages with WhatsApp.

Ray-Ban Stories, the smart glasses from Meta, has now integrated WhatsApp calling and messaging features into its interface. Mark Zuckerberg, via a Facebook post, announced the new feature. Users will be able to make calls, hear, and send end-to-end encrypted messages with WhatsApp, as well as directly reply to Messenger or WhatsApp messages using voice commands. The Ray-Ban Stories shades were launched by Meta and Ray-Ban together in September 2021.


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