Tech updates for 1st week of June 2022

Tech updates for 1st week of June 2022

Latest trending news about Reliance, Cryptocurrency, NASA, Google Assistant, and ExpressVPN.

The Google Assistant Will Soon Recognise Your Voice Thanks to Advanced Speech Recognition.

In the near future, Google Assistant will be able to recognize your voice owing to the company's decision to utilize personalized speech recognition. To achieve the best results, users will be asked to share their audio recordings, which must be stored on the device. Google Assistant's speech recognition capability will be available as part of the settings in the app, which can be accessible by adding a personal touch. It will also allow users to make calls to certain contacts on their phones, which will be accessible solely via voice commands. These devices could aid Google Assistant in becoming smarter and expanding its machine learning base.

India Ready with Consultation Paper on Cryptocurrencies.

Inflation in India is expected to drop in the next few months, and the government has issued a consultation paper on cryptocurrencies. Ajay Seth, India's economic affairs secretary, said that a global consensus on cryptocurrencies was needed and that India would examine regulations in other nations before defining how it would regulate.

The government said in its annual budget this year that gains from cryptocurrency investments would be taxed at 30%, but the measure has yet to be given legal status.

NASA Awarded Next Generation Spacesuits Contract for ISS, Moon Mission to Two Companies.

Contracts for the next generation of spacesuits for missions to the International Space Station and the Moon have been awarded by NASA. Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace were named winners of the Extravehicular Activity Services (xEVAS) Contract. Axiom Space has organised commercial trips to the International Space Station and is developing its own private space station. By 2034, the two companies have a combined cap of $3.5 billion (approximately Rs. 27,100 crores).

NASA had intended to create the suits in-house, but after the agency's auditor stated that the suit was experiencing substantial development delays, the agency began working with business partners.

Why ExpressVPN Has Removed Its Servers from India, and What Happens to Users Now?

ExpressVPN, a virtual private network (VPN) service provider, has shut down its servers in India. This is due to its inability to comply with the new CERT-In directive, which requires the storage of user data for a period of five years. The company will continue to serve Indian customers using servers in Singapore and the United Kingdom. In order to  comply with the new CERT-In directive, ExpressVPN has shut down its Indian-based servers. The directive mandates that all VPN providers store customer data for at least five years. Users will still be able to connect to the internet via servers in Singapore and the UK.

Mukesh Ambani Replaces Gautam Adani to Become India's, Richest Man.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) chairman Mukesh Ambani has replaced Gautam Adani, chairman of the Adani Group, to become Asia and India’s richest man. This is owing to a surge in the stock prices of RIL with its market capitalization hitting Rs 19 lakh crore landmark. 

According to Forbes Real-time billionaire list, Ambani has bagged the sixth position with a 6.21% increase of $6.1 billion taking their overall net worth to $104.3 billion. Meanwhile, Adani’s net worth grew by 0.66% to $99.9 billion. The RIL stock has gained over 6% in the last five trading days. Ambani- with a total net worth of $99.7 billion- has pushed Adani to second position.


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