Scrrum weekly digest last week of december

Scrrum weekly digest last week of december

Latest trending news about AI, Amazon, Social media Influencers, PhonePe and Tata news.

In 2022, AI, at Last, Demonstrated Itself Outside of Smartphones

You must have heard about terms like Dall-E, DeepMind, and ChatGPT throughout the course of 2022; these are all examples of AI-generated technologies that have demonstrated to the world that running AI does not require special hardware. Software-based apps have been scarce up until now, but things changed this year when you saw it deployed on the front end, enabling consumers to utilise open-source models to experience AI to the fullest.

With the aid of beta testers and later made available to millions of users, Open AI ensured that the AI representation was gradually implemented for all users. It's safe to conclude that AI deep learning has advanced, and the resulting photos shared on social media demonstrated its potential. We are all aware of how strong AI is and how it has influenced smartphone functions.

But there's no denying that 2022 marked the beginning of AI's ascent to superhuman status in the future, and machine learning and data rendering systems are only now beginning to demonstrate all that they are capable of providing to society.

Amazon is now using drones to make deliveries in the US

According to The Verge, Amazon recently used their "Amazon Prime Air" drone service to deliver a small number of packages to customers in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas."We want to safely take our drones up into the air,'' said Natalie Banke, a spokesman for Amazon Air, "We are starting in these communities and will gradually increase deliveries to more customers over time.”

Customers in Lockeford and College Station can join up and place purchases; customers in other areas will receive notifications when drone delivery becomes available.

After placing an order, customers will receive tracking details and an estimated delivery time, along with instructions on when to anticipate the drone delivering their order to their backyard, according to the report.

Tata Communications will acquire The Switch Enterprises, based in the US

The Switch Enterprises will be acquired by Tata Communications, a company that supports the worldwide digital ecosystem, through its fully-owned overseas subsidiary Tata Communications (Netherlands) B.V. The Switch, a prominent provider of end-to-end live video production and transmission services with headquarters in New York, has access to the best sporting stadiums in North America.

According to the terms of the contract, Tata Communications has agreed to buy a 100% equity stake in The Switch Enterprises, LLC as well as a few of its overseas properties for about US $58.8 million (486.3 crores) in a cash-only transaction (subject to usual closing adjustments). The receipt of regulatory clearances is necessary for the deal to close. Together, Tata Communications and The Switch will provide customers with support across more than 190 countries and territories, while The Switch will bring cutting-edge live production capabilities that will enable businesses to produce high-quality, more immersive content more quickly and effectively.

PhonePe separates from Flipkart - online payment firm to be India-domiciled now

One of India's biggest digital payment companies, PhonePe, said on Friday that it had split out from parent company Flipkart in order to prepare for an IPO.

Existing Flipkart Singapore and PhonePe Singapore shareholders have directly purchased shares in PhonePe India as part of this transaction.

PhonePe moved its headquarters from Singapore to India earlier this year, and the transition is now complete. However, Walmart will continue to have a controlling stake in each company.

According to a joint statement from the two corporations, separating these operations will enable them to expand independently and create market-leading goods and services that are affordable to Indians.

If social media influencers do not declare paid promotions, they would be fined Rs. 50 lakh

If social media influencers don't disclose paid promotions to their followers, the government plans to penalize them up to Rs 50 lakh. Due to their massive followings, marketers frequently ask social media influencers to advertise their products on their accounts. If influencers who engage in proxy promotions do not reveal paid promotions, they risk severe repercussions.

Notably, social media influencers who receive free products from businesses must pay taxes on those freebies. If they obtain a goods, such as a car, mobile phone, cosmetics, or wardrobe, and choose to keep it, they must pay a percent TDS. Influencers won't be required to pay taxes, though, if they return the goods to the business after using the services.


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