Scrrum weekly digest 5th week of july

Scrrum weekly digest 5th week of july

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Elon Musk rebrands Twitter to ‘X’ in brand overhaul

Elon Musk announces a major brand overhaul for Twitter, renaming it to 'X.' The rebranding move comes as Musk aims to revamp the social media platform. With the new identity, 'X' is expected to undergo significant changes under Musk's leadership. However, specific details about the transformation remain undisclosed. The decision follows Musk's active presence on Twitter, where he has often made headlines for his controversial and influential tweets. The move is anticipated to generate considerable interest and speculation in the tech world.

Trai supports selective WhatsApp, Telegram ban to end internet blackouts 

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) backs the idea of selectively banning messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to put an end to internet blackouts. This move aims to curb the misuse of these platforms during times of unrest or public safety concerns, as they have been associated with the spread of misinformation and incitement of violence. TRAI's support for targeted bans is seen as a measure to maintain law and order while minimizing disruptions to the overall internet services during critical situations.

ChatGPT Android app now available in India, Bangladesh, US & Brazil

The ChatGPT Android app has been launched in India, Bangladesh, the United States, and Brazil. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based language model that allows users to have interactive conversations. With its availability in these countries, users can now access and utilize the app's features on their Android devices. This expansion is expected to enable a wider audience to engage with the AI-powered chatbot and experience its capabilities in various applications and scenarios.

Indian Space Tech Startup Pixxel Wins Grant From iDEX To Manufacture Satellites For Air Force 

Indian space technology startup, Pixxel, has secured a grant from the Indian Defence Innovation Organization (iDEX) to manufacture satellites for the Indian Air Force. The grant will enable Pixxel to contribute to the country's defense capabilities by producing satellites that cater to the specific needs of the Air Force. This funding is a significant boost for Pixxel's ambitions in the space sector and reinforces the startup's position as a key player in India's growing space technology industry.

Twitter will now allow Blue subscribers to download videos 

Twitter has introduced a new feature that allows its Blue subscribers to download videos from the platform. With this update, Twitter's premium Blue members gain the ability to save videos directly to their devices for offline viewing. This move is expected to enhance the user experience for the paid subscribers and provide them with greater flexibility in accessing video content on the platform. The addition of this feature could attract more users to opt for the premium subscription and explore the benefits it offers.


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