Scrrum weekly digest 4th week of September 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 4th week of September 2023

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TRAI Invites Public Comments on Ways to Make Smartphone Affordable in India 

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has requested public input on strategies to reduce smartphone prices in India. Seeking suggestions and feedback, TRAI aims to explore ways to make smartphones more affordable for the Indian population. This initiative is significant as smartphones play a pivotal role in digital access and connectivity in the country.

Elon Musk Says X Will Soon Become A Paid Platform For All Users 

Elon Musk announced that the "X" platform will transition to a paid service for all users in the near future. The details and pricing structure for this change remain undisclosed. This shift in pricing for the platform, which is not specified in the article, could have implications for its accessibility and user base.

NVIDIA And Infosys Announce Collaboration To Power Businesses With Generative AI 

NVIDIA and Infosys have revealed a collaboration aimed at utilizing Generative AI to enhance business operations. This partnership aims to harness AI's creative potential to drive innovation and efficiency in various industries. The article does not provide specific details on their projects or applications.

TikTok fined €345m over children's data privacy 

Irish regulators have fined TikTok €345m (£296m) for violating children's privacy.. The fine comes as a result of concerns that TikTok failed to adequately protect and handle the personal data of underage users. This substantial penalty reflects growing global scrutiny on social media platforms regarding the privacy and safety of young users.

Poland investigates OpenAI over privacy concerns 

Poland is conducting an investigation into OpenAI over privacy concerns. The nature and specifics of the investigation, as well as the privacy issues in question, are not detailed in the article. It highlights the increased scrutiny technology companies face regarding data protection and privacy compliance.


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