Scrrum weekly digest 4th week of july

Scrrum weekly digest 4th week of july

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Norway regulator to fine Meta over privacy breaches 

Norway's regulator has decided to impose fines on Meta (formerly known as Facebook) due to privacy breaches. The penalty comes after the company failed to address concerns related to user data protection. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has taken this step as a response to violations of privacy rules by the social media giant. The fine serves as a warning to Meta and emphasizes the need for companies to prioritize users' privacy and comply with data protection regulations.

Meta Releases Free AI Model Llama 2 To Compete With ChatGPT, Google's Bard

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has unveiled Llama 2, a free AI model designed to compete with ChatGPT and Google's Bard. Llama 2 is a language model capable of generating human-like text and responding to prompts, much like its competitors. The release aims to enhance natural language processing capabilities and empower developers to create innovative applications. With Llama 2, Meta enters the competitive AI model landscape, offering a powerful alternative for developers and researchers looking to harness cutting-edge AI technology. The move signifies Meta's commitment to advancing AI research and its ambition to rival other major players in the field.

White House Partners with Amazon And Google to Secure Devices from Cyberattacks: What It Means 

The White House has collaborated with tech giants Amazon and Google to bolster device security against cyberattacks. The partnership aims to protect smart home devices, such as smart speakers, cameras, and other IoT gadgets, from potential security breaches. By teaming up with these industry leaders, the White House seeks to enhance cybersecurity measures for consumers and create safer digital environments. The initiative signifies a proactive step in addressing the growing concerns surrounding cybersecurity threats to connected devices. The combined expertise of the White House, Amazon, and Google is expected to contribute significantly to safeguarding users' privacy and data integrity.

Netflix Gains 6 Million Subscribers Following Its Password-Sharing Crackdown 

Following its crackdown on password-sharing, Netflix has experienced a substantial increase of 6 million subscribers. The move comes as the streaming giant aims to curb unauthorized account access and enforce its terms of service. By limiting users to their own accounts, Netflix has seen a surge in new sign-ups and retention. Despite concerns about potential backlash, the positive impact on subscriber growth has been significant. This strategy marks a bold step in reinforcing the platform's security measures and may set a precedent for other streaming services to follow suit in addressing password-sharing concerns.

WhatsApp Alert: Scammers Are Using AI To Copy Your Friend's Face To Steal Money 

WhatsApp users are being warned about a new scam involving AI technology. Scammers are using AI to duplicate a person's face and create convincing fake profiles that resemble their friends. They then use these fake profiles to trick users into believing they are talking to their real friends and request money transfers. The alarming scam underscores the growing sophistication of cybercriminals in exploiting AI for nefarious purposes. WhatsApp users are advised to exercise caution and verify the identity of anyone asking for money or sensitive information online to avoid falling victim to this deceptive tactic


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