Scrrum weekly digest 4th week of december

Scrrum weekly digest 4th week of december

Latest trending news about Digilocker, ChatGPT, Koo, Delhivery and layoff news

Users can easily find and keep government IDs thanks to a partnership between Google and DigiLocker

The purpose of this collaboration is to reduce the time spent looking through hundreds of files for crucial ID documentation. The tech giant revealed plans to soon add Android's Files app support for the document storage provider DigiLocker at the Google for India event on Monday. Google intends to make it simple for consumers to access their government-issued digital papers, such as their PAN, passport, Aadhaar, or any other, on their smartphone through its cooperation with the National eGovernment Division (NeGD). 

The documents kept in Google Files "will be in an isolated environment on the device, and can only be accessed with a unique lock screen authentication," according to the statement. Simply put, this means that only the phone's owner will have access to the documents.

Delhivery acquires Algorhythm Tech to expand its selection of supply chain solutions

For Rs 15 crore, supply chain software provider Algorhythm Tech in Pune will be purchased by logistics company Delhivery.

Algorhythm Tech would function as a fully-owned subsidiary of the business after the transaction, which is anticipated to close by January 31, 2023, Delhivery said.

Algorhythm, founded in 2003, provides end-to-end supply chain planning and execution products to clients in a range of industries, including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, steel, autos, and telecom.

According to Delhivery, Algorhythm's supply chain software tools are important for driving cost optimization in service delivery as well as providing clients with value-added service.

Google labels ChatGPT as "Code Red" and requests that teams develop a rival

Even though ChatGPT has only been available to the public for three weeks, The New York Times reports that while occasionally producing harmful and incorrect information, the bot has compelled Google to create a rival in order to counter the "first significant danger to its primary search business."

In response to the perceived danger posed by ChatGPT, Google CEO Sundar Pichai organised a number of meetings to establish the company's artificial intelligence strategy, which resulted in changes within the organisation. Employees have also been challenged to create alternatives to technology like DALL-E.

It should be mentioned that LaMDA, or Language Model for Dialogue Applications, is a working chatbot that Google already has that might compete with ChatGPT. In reality, Google researchers created the technology that forms the "heart" of ChatGPT. Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, claimed Google's chatbot was sentient, although this was ultimately proven to be untrue, and this attracted much attention.

This year, about 1.5 lakh tech workers lost their employment, and more will be laid off in 2023

The year 2022 hasn't been kind to the tech community. And the main reason for that is the economic situation, which caused layoffs in the tech sector. In the past year, the majority of major digital companies—including Twitter, Meta, Apple, and many others—have let go of hundreds of thousands of workers. According to recent statistics, 150,000 employees have been let go by more than 900 tech organisations worldwide this year.

Tech industry layoffs began around the first half of the year and have continued ever since. According to reports, the first half of 2023 is expected to see an increase in tech layoffs.

According to data from global outplacement and career transitioning firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, about 965 IT businesses laid off more than 150,000 workers globally in 2022, exceeding the levels seen during the Great Recession of 2008–2009.

Twitter suspends rival microblogging platform Koo’s user query handle

An official Koo account from India that had been created for user inquiries was suspended by Twitter on Friday. Now that the account has been suspended, it is no longer possible to access @kooeminence and view its tweets.

The co-founder of Koo, Mayank Bidawatka, expressed his sadness on Twitter and emphasised the platform's superiority to Twitter: "I've said this before. The finest Twitter substitute is Koo. You and the many other people who utilise this site in the same way as us have made it what it is. Don't stroke this guy's ego, please.

Additionally, he questioned the justification for the suspension, claiming, "This isn't democracy. There is a strong desire to exercise control and authority. And shouldn't be permitted. We must speak out!


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