Scrrum weekly digest 3rd week of October 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 3rd week of October 2023

OpenAI is set to develop its own AI hardware, potentially optimizing performance. Israel's tech sector faces disruptions after cyberattacks. ISRO combats 100+ hacking attempts daily, underscoring cybersecurity challenges. Google Meet enables Full HD streaming for group video meetings. Over 85% of Indian employers expect AI to create jobs in 1-5 years.

OpenAI Now Planning For Own AI Hardware

OpenAI is reportedly planning to develop its own AI hardware. This strategic move indicates a shift towards optimizing hardware for its advanced AI models, potentially enhancing performance and efficiency. 

Israel’s tech sector could face disruptions after attacks 

Israel's tech sector is at risk of disruptions following cyberattacks. The article highlights potential challenges and impacts on the country's technology industry, raising concerns about the stability of Israel's tech ecosystem.

ISRO Is Defending Over 100 Hacking Attempts Daily 

ISRO is reportedly fending off more than 100 hacking attempts daily. The space agency faces a significant cybersecurity challenge, emphasizing the importance of robust measures to protect sensitive information and critical space-related technologies.

Google Meet users can now stream group video meetings in Full HD 

Google Meet users gain the ability to stream group video meetings in Full HD. This enhancement improves the video quality of virtual meetings, offering a clearer and more immersive experience for participants.

Over 85% Indian employers expect AI to create new jobs in 1-5 years 

A report reveals that over 85% of Indian employers anticipate artificial intelligence (AI) to generate new jobs within the next 1-5 years. This suggests optimism about AI's potential positive impact on employment in India.


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