Scrrum weekly digest 3rd week of july

Scrrum weekly digest 3rd week of july

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Odisha-Based Private Channel Launches AI-Created News Anchor Named 'Lisa' 

An Odisha-based private channel has introduced an AI-generated news anchor named 'Lisa.' The virtual news anchor, created using artificial intelligence, aims to provide viewers with a unique and engaging news-watching experience. Lisa has been designed to mimic human-like facial expressions and gestures, making her appear realistic on-screen. The channel believes that this AI technology will revolutionize the news industry and enhance the delivery of information. However, some experts express concerns about the potential impact on human journalists' job security, as AI technology continues to advance in the field of media and broadcasting.

Not Just Google, Apple Also Has Bad Loan Apps Issue In India 

Following Google's recent crackdown on predatory loan apps in India, it has been revealed that Apple also faces a similar problem. Several loan apps on the Apple App Store have been accused of exploiting vulnerable borrowers and charging exorbitant interest rates. These apps often target individuals with low credit scores and offer quick loans without proper verification or transparency. The issue highlights the need for stricter regulations to protect consumers from fraudulent lending practices. While Google has taken steps to remove such apps from its platform, Apple is now under pressure to address the issue and ensure the safety of its users.

Google Working on Android Feature That Auto Enables Airplane Mode During a Flight:

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for Android that automatically enables airplane mode during a flight. The feature aims to enhance the user experience by eliminating the need for manual activation of airplane mode when boarding a flight. The patent filed by Google suggests that the feature would utilize various sensors and signals to detect when a user is on an aircraft. Once activated, airplane mode would be enabled automatically, disabling cellular and wireless connectivity to comply with airline regulations. This feature, if implemented, would provide convenience to Android users and ensure compliance with flight safety protocols.

OpenAI to use training data from Shutterstock for next six years 

OpenAI, the renowned artificial intelligence research laboratory, has announced a partnership with Shutterstock, a leading stock photography and footage company. Under the agreement, OpenAI will utilize Shutterstock's vast library of images and videos as training data for its AI models for the next six years. This collaboration aims to enhance the visual capabilities and understanding of AI systems by exposing them to a wide range of diverse and high-quality visual content. The partnership will allow OpenAI to leverage Shutterstock's extensive collection, empowering the development of more advanced and sophisticated AI technologies in various domains such as computer vision, robotics, and natural language processing.

Online Gaming Industry To Suffer Losses Because Of New GST Ruling: Industry 

The online gaming industry is expected to face financial setbacks due to a new Goods and Services Tax (GST) ruling, according to industry executives. The ruling mandates that online gaming platforms must pay an 18% GST on the entire value of player bets, rather than solely on their commission or fee. This change is predicted to significantly increase the financial burden on gaming companies and reduce profit margins. Executives express concerns that the higher tax rates may discourage smaller operators and startups from entering the market and hinder the overall growth of the online gaming industry in India.


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