Scrrum weekly digest 3rd week of August 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 3rd week of August 2023

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ChatGPT's Answers To Software Engineering Questions Were 52% Incorrect 

According to a report, ChatGPT's responses to software engineering queries were found to be 52% incorrect. The study raised concerns about its accuracy in addressing technical questions. While the AI model offers valuable insights, its limitations in providing accurate software engineering information were highlighted. This underscores the need for caution and human expertise when relying on AI-generated responses for complex technical matters.

Netflix to make its games playable on more devices 

Netflix is expanding its game offerings for wider accessibility across devices. The streaming platform plans to enhance the playability of its games on various screens. This move aims to capitalize on the growing gaming market and increase user engagement. By making their games available on more devices, including smartphones, Netflix aims to attract and entertain a larger audience, further diversifying its entertainment portfolio beyond traditional video content.

Independence Day 2023: India Working On 6G Launch, 'Task Force' Created, Says PM Modi 

During India's Independence Day celebrations, Prime Minister Modi announced that the country is actively pursuing the development of 6G technology and has established a dedicated "Task Force" for the purpose. The move showcases India's commitment to technological advancement and innovation in the field of communication. The creation of the task force underscores India's determination to stay at the forefront of technological developments, aiming to ensure a prominent position in the global digital landscape.

Google tests an AI assistant that offers life advice 

Google is experimenting with an AI assistant, developed by DeepMind, that provides users with life advice. The system employs reinforcement learning to offer suggestions for various situations, like parenting or pursuing personal goals. The AI's training involved large-scale simulations to refine its recommendations. While this technology shows potential in assisting users' decision-making, it also raises ethical considerations regarding AI's role in influencing critical life choices.

End of ChatGPT dominance? Google’s Gemini to launch this fall with significant upgrades

Google is set to release Gemini, an advanced AI language model, this autumn. With substantial improvements over ChatGPT, Gemini aims to narrow the gap between human and machine understanding. It promises more contextually relevant and coherent responses. While Gemini presents a potential challenge to ChatGPT's dominance, it also raises questions about AI's evolving impact on various sectors and its ability to deliver more sophisticated and effective language-based interactions.


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