Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of October 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of October 2023

Meta plans a $14/month ad-free subscription for Facebook/Instagram. Apple explores a search engine, discussing with DuckDuckGo for Safari's private mode. Netflix considers ad-free plan price hike, and TikTok tests a subscription model for an ad-free experience.

Meta plans to start charging $14/month for ad-free Instagram and Facebook

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, reportedly plans to introduce a subscription service priced at $14 per month, offering an ad-free experience on both platforms. This potential move aims to diversify revenue streams beyond advertising. Users would have the option to subscribe for an ad-free social media experience, as per the report.

Apple Could Be Working On Its Own Search Engine, Generative AI

Apple is rumored to be developing its own search engine and generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to reports. This move suggests Apple's intention to reduce reliance on Google's search engine. The company is reportedly investing in AI technologies to enhance its services, potentially marking a strategic shift in its approach to online search.

Apple held talks with DuckDuckGo to replace Google as Safari's private mode search engine

Apple reportedly engaged in discussions with DuckDuckGo about replacing Google as the default search engine in Safari's private mode. This suggests Apple's ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy, as DuckDuckGo is known for its privacy-focused search capabilities. However, no official agreement has been disclosed, and the talks may not lead to a definitive change. 

Netflix may soon make its ad-free plans more expensive 

Netflix is reportedly considering raising the prices of its ad-free subscription plans. The move aims to boost revenue amid increasing competition and rising production costs. However, no specific details on the extent of the price increase or the timing of implementation have been provided, and Netflix has not officially confirmed the potential change.

TikTok testing out advert-free monthly subscription 

TikTok is exploring the possibility of introducing a subscription service to provide an ad-free experience for users, as reported. The short-form video platform aims to diversify its revenue streams and reduce dependence on advertising. The testing phase is underway, but details regarding the subscription cost and wider rollout remain undisclosed.


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