Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of march

Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of march

Latest trending news about Slack, Cryptocurrency, Uber, Meta and Apple news

Slack, a professional messaging network, will use ChatGPT app technology

Your workplace may soon welcome the ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot. The professional messaging service Slack will soon incorporate the OpenAI technology, which has gained enormous popularity since its November introduction, according to an announcement made Tuesday by SalesForce, the parent company of Slack.

Companies can sign up for a waitlist to be added to the beta edition of the ChatGPT app for Slack when it becomes available. The software is currently under beta testing.

Powered by OpenAI's huge language models, ChatGPT, according to SalesForce, "provides a conversational interface to acquire instant conversation summaries to keep informed, research tools to learn about any topic, and give writing assistance to swiftly create messages." Together with Snap, Quizlet, Instacart, and Shopify, Slack is the most recent business to use OpenAI technology.

Now, other tech firms have also released AI bots, like Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing-powered AI platform.

Government notification to include virtual assets under the money laundering act for cryptocurrencies in India

According to the most recent decision made by the central government regarding digital assets, businesses dealing in cryptocurrencies or virtual assets will now be covered by the PMLA, or Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002.

According to the gazette notification published on March 7 by the Union Finance Ministry, virtual digital assets (VDAs) will now be regarded as "reporting entities" under the PMLA. Additionally, it is required of cryptocurrency exchanges and intermediaries that deal with VDAs to undertake KYC on their users and clients. Also, cryptocurrency exchanges are obligated to notify the Financial Intelligence Unit of India (FIU-IND) of any questionable transactions.

The above action, which has been done to crack down on the misuse of digital assets, is a step towards regulating this market. Here it is noted that although the RBI believes cryptocurrencies are similar to a Ponzi scheme, the Indian government has not yet finalised rules and regulations surrounding them.

Uber users will be able to reserve cabs up to 90 days in advance

We at Uber want to make it easy for you to get everywhere, so we're excited to unveil a number of new products that will improve your airport experience, according to a blog post from the company.

The following is a list of the improvements Uber has announced will improve your airport transportation.

UberReserve: UberReserve, one of the most significant new features the company has unveiled, will enable customers to reserve cabs up to 90 days in advance. As a result, you may plan your arrival at the airport well in advance and hail a cab easily. Users will be provided with the upfront cost and driver information prior to the trip. The US and Canada now have access to the function.

Walking ETAs: Uber will now offer walking ETAs, which will enable you to estimate how long it will take to reach the pickup spot, in addition to providing consumers with in-app directions. In a blog post, Uber stated that its new function, which will soon be accessible in more than 400 airports worldwide, will assist users better estimate the time it would take to go from their gate to their luggage claim.

Meta explores a text-based, decentralised social network

Social Platforms Inc., the company that owns Facebook, announced on Friday that it was investigating a decentralised, standalone social network for text update sharing., an Indian business news website, broke the news first, citing sources. According to the rumour, the decentralised social networking protocol ActivityPub, which powers Twitter rival Mastodon, would be supported by Meta's new content app.

For exchanging text updates, we're investigating a standalone decentralised social network. In a statement sent to Reuters via email, a Meta representative said, "We think there's a chance for a separate environment where creators and public personalities may give timely updates about their interests.

Apple releases a preorder for their new classical music streaming app

Apple has some exciting news for all classical music fans. The Cupertino-based tech company has said that on March 28 it will release Apple Music Classical, an exclusive music app in the genre.

Earlier plans called for the Primephonic-acquired application to go live at the end of 2022. Users will now be able to enjoy it more quickly, though. Users can now pre-order the app before it launches since it has debuted on the App Store.

With the usual Apple Music subscription, users will be able to access the new app, which will be available as a separate download in the App Store. According to the company's official press release, Apple Music Classical makes it simple to search any recording from the largest collection of classical music in the world. Listeners will be able to enjoy the greatest audio quality, including spatial audio, on their favourite classical pieces, and the catalogue is well optimised for search.

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