Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of january

Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of january

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As OpenAI actively works on GPT-4, Microsoft increases its focus on ChatGPT

Microsoft has significantly contributed to the huge disruption that chatGPT has been making in the technology sector. The parent firm of ChatGPT, OpenAI, received $1 billion in funding from Microsoft in 2019, according to a recent article in The New York Times.

According to unnamed sources, Microsoft has contributed an additional $2 billion to ChatGPT's developer. To compete with companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple, the Redmond-based tech giant is aiming to invest a further $10 billion in OpenAI. The $3 billion in total financing has helped OpenAI grow systems and enable ChatGPT on a public level.

"The expectation from Satya is that we're pushing the edge in AI, and we're going to do that across our products," said Eric Boyd, a member of Microsoft's AI team, in an interview. Based on GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, ChatGPT has the potential to upend industries like internet search and digital assistants. Microsoft sees this as a way to improve its products and boost sales of Azure cloud computing.

Cognizant appoints Indian-origin Ravi Kumar as CEO

Ravi Kumar S was appointed CEO and a board member of Cognizant Technology Solutions, a Nasdaq-listed company, on Thursday. His appointment is effective immediately.

In both jobs, Kumar replaces Brian Humphries. According to the IT company, Humphries will serve as a special advisor to the business until March 15, 2023 in order to ensure a smooth transition.Kumar remarked, "It is an honour to join Cognizant, a company I have long respected for its committed client focus and its track record of innovation. 

"To take advantage of the numerous opportunities that lie ahead, I am looking forward to working with Steve, the members of the Board, and the leadership group. I have witnessed Cognizant fundamentally restructure its business by boosting operational discipline, enhancing client relationships, and extending its digital portfolio and capabilities. Cognizant is in a strong position to expand, and I'm eager to realise the huge potential of the business for our team members, customers, investors, and other stakeholders."

Amazon begins firing employees in India and notifies them through email, promising them five months' compensation

Many impacted employees have used social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to publicise that they have been laid off and are looking for new opportunities as Amazon's layoffs start. According to sources close to India Today Tech, layoffs have affected a number of divisions that operate out of offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and other locations. The most affected teams are those who suffer losses. Both new hires and seasoned personnel are included in the laid-off workforce.

The affected employees have received an email from Amazon alerting them that they have been let go. The email, as sources confirm, asks the employee to meet the leadership team on a specified date to get more clarity on the situation. In the same email, the company promised to offer 5 months of severance pay

Airbus is testing autonomous flight technology that could improve efficiency and safety

Airbus, a manufacturer of commercial aircraft, is developing a variety of new automated technology that could enhance flight efficiency and safety. The Verge quotes Airbus as saying that the autonomous system, known as the company's DragonFly project, provides "automated emergency diversion in cruise, automatic landing, and taxi assistance."

The systems being developed are intended to identify features in the landscape that enable an aircraft to "see" and safely manoeuvre autonomously within its surroundings, according to Lacaze. "Inspired by biomimicry and nature in the same way that dragonflies are known to be able to recognise landmarks," he continued.

In addition, the test data is being used by Airbus UpNext to "develop the next generation of computer vision-based algorithms to advance landing and taxi assistance," according to the report.

Together, Walmart Commerce Technologies and Salesforce will provide retailers with access to local fulfilment and delivery solutions

In order to give retailers access to the technologies and solutions that enable frictionless local pickup and delivery for customers worldwide, Walmart Commerce Technologies and Walmart GoLocal recently announced a partnership with Salesforce. To assist merchants to succeed in today's hybrid retail environment, Walmart Commerce Technologies Store Assist local fulfilment app and Walmart GoLocal local delivery solutions will both be made available through Salesforce AppExchange.

Anshu Bhardwaj, senior vice president, of technology strategy and commercialization, at Walmart Global Technology, said that thanks to this cooperation, retailers will be able to take advantage of the same cutting-edge and scalable technologies that enable Walmart's pickup and delivery services. Over 4,700 Walmart stores have been able to complete over 830 million* purchases thanks to the same technology that drives Store Assist. Retailers can scale their operations and provide the individualised, convenient experiences that customers need with the help of Salesforce.

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