Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of August 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 2nd week of August 2023

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India's Import Ban on Laptops, Tablets, PC to Boost Domestic Manufacturing, Says MoS IT 

India's Ministry of IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, has stated that the country's ban on importing laptops, tablets, and PCs aims to stimulate domestic manufacturing. The move seeks to bolster the local production of electronic devices, promote self-reliance, and reduce dependence on foreign imports. This strategic decision aligns with India's larger vision of becoming a global electronics manufacturing hub. The ban is anticipated to drive investments in the sector and encourage the growth of indigenous technology production.

Bangladesh Hacktivists Target India With DDoS Attacks, Data Breaches: Report 

Bangladeshi hacktivists have reportedly launched DDoS attacks and carried out data breaches targeting India, as per a recent report. These cyber activities appear to be motivated by geopolitical tensions between the two countries. The attacks highlight the escalating digital conflict and underline the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive information and critical systems from such threats.

AI Strikes Again: Researchers Train Learning Model To Steal Data From Keyboard Sound 

Researchers have developed an AI-powered learning model capable of stealing data by analyzing keyboard sounds, according to a recent report. By deciphering acoustic signals produced while typing, the AI can potentially extract sensitive information such as passwords and keystrokes. This innovative yet concerning development underscores the growing sophistication of cyber threats, highlighting the urgency of reinforcing cybersecurity measures to counteract evolving attack vectors and safeguard digital information.

Digital Personal Data Protection Law Expected to Be Implemented Within 10 Months: IT Minister 

India's IT Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, has announced the anticipated implementation of a Digital Personal Data Protection Law within the next 10 months. The law aims to strengthen the protection of individuals' personal data in the digital realm. With growing concerns over data privacy and security, this initiative reflects the government's commitment to regulating the use of personal information and ensuring a safer online environment for citizens. The forthcoming law is expected to address data handling practices and establish stringent measures for data protection.

India most targeted country by religiously motivated hacktivists 

India has emerged as the primary target of hacktivist attacks driven by religious motivations, according to recent findings. These cyber campaigns, motivated by religious factors, pose a significant digital security challenge for the country. The report underscores the escalating nature of cyber conflicts, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures to counteract such threats. Heightened vigilance and proactive measures are essential to safeguard against these religiously motivated hacking endeavors and protect sensitive digital assets.


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