Scrrum weekly digest 1st week of September 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 1st week of September 2023

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EU safety laws start to bite for TikTok, Instagram and others 

New EU safety regulations are impacting social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Stricter rules for online content and user protection are being enforced, prompting these platforms to enhance safety measures. The regulations target harmful content, user data privacy, and age-appropriate features. Failing to comply can result in hefty fines. The move reflects the EU's commitment to ensuring digital safety and holding tech companies accountable for their platforms.

Meta removes thousands of Facebook accounts linked to Chinese influence campaign, says ‘biggest single takedown’

Meta (formerly Facebook) has taken down a significant number of accounts connected to a Chinese influence campaign. Termed the "biggest single takedown," thousands of Facebook accounts were removed due to their involvement in spreading propaganda and misinformation. This action highlights the ongoing challenge of managing online disinformation and foreign influence on social media platforms. The move underscores Meta's efforts to address such issues and maintain the integrity of its platform. 

Artificial intelligence chip giant Nvidia sees sales more than double

Nvidia, a leading artificial intelligence chip manufacturer, has experienced a significant surge in sales, with revenues more than doubling. The company's success is attributed to the growing demand for AI-related technologies across various sectors. Nvidia's advanced chips are essential for powering AI applications, contributing to their remarkable sales increase. This trend underscores the pivotal role AI technology plays in shaping modern industries and driving substantial growth for key players like Nvidia.

Instagram Reels Could Finally Support Videos As Long As 10 Minutes: All Details 

Instagram is reportedly considering an extension of its Reels feature to allow videos as long as 10 minutes. The move aims to compete with platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which offer longer video formats. This potential expansion could attract content creators looking for more substantial storytelling options and provide users with a more diverse video experience. Instagram's adaptation highlights the evolving nature of short-form video content and the platform's efforts to remain competitive in the ever-changing social media landscape.

Google Introduces Generative AI To Search In India, Japan: All Details 

Google has introduced generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its search functionality in India and Japan. This new feature enhances search results by using AI to create relevant responses to open-ended queries. The technology generates contextually appropriate and detailed information, improving user experiences when seeking information online. Google's integration of generative AI reflects its commitment to refining search accuracy and catering to users in specific regions, while also showcasing the continued advancements in AI-driven innovations.


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