Scrrum weekly digest 1st week of january

Scrrum weekly digest 1st week of january

Latest trending news about Ola, ChatGPT, Afeela, Motorola and 5G news.

Ola plans to compete with Google Maps by offering its own India-specific maps, available in Ola vehicles

For a long time, India's preferred or exclusive web mapping platform has been Google Maps. Google Maps enjoys a monopoly on smartphone users of the Android operating system because no other app can compete with it. However, as Ola works to build its own navigation system, Ola Maps, which will include digital maps and navigation functions comparable to Google Maps, things may change in the future.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of the startup, released a screenshot of the navigation app while experimenting with Ola Maps. "A test of our personal Ola maps! In a few months, it will be available in our cars and on the Ola app! Will also create a developer API for everyone who wants to use premium India maps in their applications, " he Tweeted.

Amazon, Salesforce, and TikTok will all continue to lay off thousands of workers in 2023

It appears that there are still layoffs taking place throughout the tech sector. Andy Jessy, the CEO of Amazon, said that another 18,000 people would be let go. The e-commerce behemoth has previously let go of about 11,000 people. Salesforce, a digital business, recently disclosed that it would reduce its workforce by approximately 10%. Bytedance, the parent firm of TikTok, recently let go of hundreds of workers. Back in 2022, more than 25,000 people were let go by a number of the largest tech companies, including Amazon, Twitter, Meta, and others.

The Amazon CEO stated in the official blog post that "this year's review has been more difficult given the uncertain economy and that we have hired rapidly over the last several years."

Afeela - the name of Sony and Honda's new electric car brand

During a press appearance at CES 2023, Sony and Honda showed the prototype of their forthcoming EV. The vehicle is called Afeela. The prototype of the electronic car was formally introduced at the occasion, and footage of it is currently trending online. The prototype of the one-of-a-kind sedan has 45 cameras and sensors placed both inside and outside the car, giving it a stunning appearance. The car has a small media screen that fits in between the headlights and gives it a sophisticated appearance.

Additionally, he stated that the group "expects to start taking pre-orders in the first half of 2025 and start selling within the same year." He continued, "We will integrate Sony's sensors and the Honda safety along with other sophisticated technologies, as safety and security are crucial to mobility."

Microsoft intends to compete with Google Search by integrating ChatGPT capabilities into Bing

According to reports, Microsoft intends to improve the efficiency of its Bing search engine to better compete with Google. Reuters reports that the corporation is closely collaborating with AI (artificial intelligence) research startup, OpenAI, to integrate its ChatGPT tech into Bing and enable users to get answers to difficult inquiries in straightforward, jargon-free English. Due to its ability to respond to nearly all queries in a human-like manner, ChatGPT, which was made available for public testing late last year, has generated a lot of interest among users. Even math problems and computer code reviews can be handled by the AI-powered chatbot.

According to a recent report, Microsoft may introduce an improved version of Bing before the end of March to compete with Alphabet's Google. The precise operation is still unknown at this time.

Together, Reliance Jio and Motorola India will provide a "True 5G" experience

Reliance Jio and Motorola India have formally announced their cooperation, which will enable "True 5G" for customers across Motorola's wide range of 5G smartphones in India. The smartphone manufacturer has released software updates that will let customers use Jio's True 5G throughout its wide-ranging 5G lineup.

"Advanced 5G capabilities from Motorola include carrier aggregation, 4x4 Mimo, and support for the majority of 5G bands in India. These capabilities, together with Jio's True 5G network, will enable 5G's full potential in India "Reliance Jio's president, Sunil Dutt, stated in a statement.

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