Scrrum weekly digest 1st week of August 2023

Scrrum weekly digest 1st week of August 2023

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Bard is not the place to look for accurate information, says Google’s UK executive 

Google's UK executive warns against relying on Bard, a popular artificial intelligence language model, for accurate information. Bard, which is developed by OpenAI, has gained popularity for its natural language capabilities, but the executive cautions that it may not always provide reliable or factual information. Users are advised to exercise caution and cross-verify information from credible sources. 

What is FraudGPT, dark web’s dangerous AI for cybercrime? 

FraudGPT is an AI model found on the dark web, designed for cybercrime activities. This dangerous AI can generate highly convincing and sophisticated scam content, posing a serious threat to online security. The model's ability to produce fraudulent information and impersonate human communication raises concerns about the potential increase in cybercrime activities.

Foxconn to Invest Rs 1,600 Crore in Tamil Nadu to Set Up Mobile Components Manufacturing Facility 

Foxconn, a major electronics manufacturer, plans to invest Rs 1,600 crore in Tamil Nadu, India, to establish a new mobile components manufacturing facility. The investment is expected to boost the local economy and create job opportunities in the region. The facility's setup aligns with the Indian government's efforts to encourage domestic manufacturing and reduce dependence on imports. Foxconn's move signifies the potential growth of the mobile manufacturing sector in India and further strengthens the country's position as a manufacturing hub for electronics. 

Digital Personal Data Protection bill: government may pull content or block access to platform

The Indian government is considering a provision in the Digital Personal Data Protection bill that would grant authorities the power to remove content or block access to platforms. This move aims to enhance data protection and address issues related to harmful or unlawful content. However, concerns have been raised about potential implications for freedom of speech and internet censorship. The bill's provisions could impact online platforms and users, leading to discussions on striking a balance between safeguarding personal data and preserving digital liberties. 

The rise of generative AI: What’s new from YouTube, Adobe, Swiggy & more 

The article discusses the increasing prominence of generative AI and its applications in various industries. Companies like YouTube, Adobe, and Swiggy are embracing this technology to enhance user experiences and offer innovative features. YouTube is using AI to improve video recommendations, Adobe is exploring AI-driven creativity tools, and Swiggy is employing AI to customize restaurant recommendations. Generative AI's capabilities are enabling these companies to deliver personalized and cutting-edge solutions, demonstrating the growing influence of AI in shaping the future of technology and business.


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