iPhone 13 launched today and here's everything we expect to hear from Apple at the California Streaming event.

iPhone 13 launched today and here's everything we expect to hear from Apple at the California Streaming event.

The competition in the iPhone market has increased with the launch of the new devices. Since the devices are launching today at a much reduced price, the iPhone suppliers are being forced to make huge discounts to clear the market. Further, the products are offered for sale at an even lower price if you purchase them in bulk.

The huge day is here. Apple's California streaming occasion is planned for sometime in the afternoon, and we anticipate that a bunch of Apple products should be displayed worldwide. Eminently, Tuesday's launch is the first of the two fall events said to be planned, where the second fall hardware event could likely focus on the iPad and MacBook Pro launch. Today’s, Apple's focus could be on the highlight products - iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7, and revamped AirPods.

Memory capacity:

The main feature which has been present in all new models of iPhones is the doubling up of memory capacity in the form of the Touch ID sensor. Even though this feature was present in the earlier iPhone models, it was never able to reach the level of popularity that it enjoys now. The feature enables the user to enter the stored text directly into the address book, email or contact details.

i-Tune music player:

One feature that has been present from the time when the iPhone was introduced was the i-Tune music player. However, it was never available in the original version. This feature was introduced in the later iPod Touch models. However, it was limited to iOS-based devices only. Now, the first version of this player is available for free on the iTunes store through a free download.

Lock Display functionality:

Further, the iPhone has been designed in such a way so as to allow the user to perform many functions even while the device is locked. For example, the Lock Display functionality lets you lock the screen until you need to use it. This allows you to view the phone without unlocking it. You can use the FaceTime feature to watch video clips.

Built-in camera:

The latest version of iPhone has a built-in camera. A special feature of the iPhone is that the images are automatically formatted according to the size and the resolution of the camera. This feature helps you to preview the images before they are finally printed out. The color display of the iPhone is also very good.

Touch ID function:

The Touch ID function enables users to make payments using their fingerprint. It also allows them to access the secure part of the iPhone, which stores the credit card information. However, this feature costs $100 in the initial version. However, the price of the iPhone has come down after the launch of the new version.


Apart from the new iPhone features, the price of the iPhone has come down considerably owing to the increased competition in the market. The iPhone has been launched by Apple at an attractive price. However, there are various other features available at a lower price, including the contract deal. The contract deal is another reason for the low price of the iPhone.

The new version of the iPhone offers many new features and a lot of exciting additions. The screen and the camera have got enhanced with the introduction of the 4-inch size, which is one of the biggest advancements in the iPhone. Moreover, the new iPhone includes the Home button along with the navigation buttons. The new version of the iPhone is going to offer users a greater degree of connectivity. However, the price of the iPhone has not gone down despite the presence of all these features.

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There are several options available as far as the payment options are concerned. You can choose the payment option that is most convenient for you. Moreover, there are various payment options like credit cards, debit cards and PayPal that are commonly accepted for payments. However, you must remember that credit cards and debit cards are mostly accepted in certain countries only. Thus, if your country does not support these methods of payments then the other two options will help you purchase the iPhone products.

The best part about these devices is that they do not require any extra monthly line rentals or bills to be paid. Thus, with such a cheap price the user would not have to worry about additional expenses. If you are planning to purchase a new iPhone device in India then you can easily do so by browsing the various websites on the World Wide Web.


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