All You Need to Know About Buyer Persona

All You Need to Know About Buyer Persona

If you have ever entered the world of marketing, you will definitely hear the word "buyer persona." It is a commonly used term and has become very casual these days. People presume the meaning of this term in different ways, but nobody actually knows the real meaning of this term from a marketing perspective. Let's clear out this confusion and learn what a buyer persona actually is and why it is important.

What is the buyer persona? 

A buyer persona is a fictional depiction of the target customer based entirely on research and analysis. It describes the nature and data of the existing customers you are eyeing up.

It is common to have multiple buyer personas for the same business, as the user of your service can take advice from different people and each one of them will have a different buyer persona towards your product. Your challenge is to address each one of them with different strategies.

A buyer persona is also known as a customer or marketing persona. It helps to understand the customers better and carve out a new plan to serve them.

Importance of the buyer's persona-

Every customer will have a different perspective. It is nearly impossible to address the individual needs of each customer. In general, buyers will have similar needs and wants, and a buyer persona allows you to serve them with those similarities in marketing.

Buyer personas are created from customer stories and knowledge, and they will help you understand your target audience better and more deeply, for example, how they think, make decisions, understand the product, and much more.

It helps you to make changes in the product and services you are offering as you already know about the likes and dislikes of your customers to serve them better.

Steps to create a Buyer Persona-

A buyer persona is not just about making up stories; it is about dealing with real people, talking with them, listening to them, and then making a conclusion.

Finding People-

You can find these people in your customers. These are the people who have used or bought your product for a long time and are long-term buyers. Apart from them, you can also choose the users who used your trial products but never converted them into regular buyers. The data is already available by just picking them up from the list.

Interviewing them-

Having a quick talk with the listed people is the next step to creating a buyer persona. Now you can ask questions like what they like most about your product, why they are your regular buyers or what's stopping them from buying the product, what they are finding best and worst about it, what other add-ons are they expecting, and how the product is different from the rest, etc.

It's time to filter the collected data and create your buyer persona-

Now that you have interviewed so many people with different thoughts, just find out what the common phrases, words, problems, and satisfaction are that you received. Manage those words and include them in the service and make strategies accordingly. That's how you can easily create a buyer persona.

Now that you have already learned how to create a buyer persona, you can use it in marketing by fixing your positioning with what your customer thinks you are best at. We can create content for different phases of the buyer's journey and align with the sales and product teams by giving them information about the product barriers and what the customer is expecting so they can fix them and make it convenient for the customer.


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