Empower your applications with seamless and precise GST-related processes, ensuring an unmatched user experience.

What this package does?

The @scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils npm package is a comprehensive utility tool designed to simplify and streamline various aspects of working with Goods and Services Tax (GST) details in India. This package encompasses a range of functionalities aimed at providing developers with essential tools for managing GST-related information within their applications.

  • Getting State Details

  • Getting HSN Details
  • Getting GST Slab Details
  • GST Number Validation
  • GST Number Pattern Validation
  • GST Number Validation
  • Get Detailed Information About GST Number

How to use?

The @scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils npm package is designed to simplify working with Goods and Services Tax (GST) details in India. Follow these steps to integrate and use the package in your Node.js application

$ npm install --save @scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils

Goods and Services Tax

Getting State Details

const gstIndiaUtils = require("@scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils");
gstIndiaUtils.returnCodeByState("Punjab"); // 03
gstIndiaUtils.returnStateByCode("24"); // Gujarat

Getting HSN Details

const gstIndiaUtils = require("@scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils");

Getting SAC Details

const gstIndiaUtils = require("@scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils");

Get Detailed Information About GST Number

const gstIndiaUtils = require("@scrrum-labs/gst-india-utils");

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